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Bumdicks Pics Part 2
Pictures of me 3


Me looking very displeased. On the phone with someone that was obviously boring.


Absolutely love this picture:D It's me in my riding gear with my dirtbike behind me up near Conostoga Lake. It'd be better if I had Fox gear, lol!


An example of Sam's lovely picture-taking skills. This is me, at my locker in grade 8 and the flash reflecting off my mirror.

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Me and my rabbit, Oreo, just before me and my family left for Ireland.


This is at Grade 7 Camp. Oh that was fun! I think I'm trying to prove that I have absolutely no bum. Melissa looks like she's running to try and save me:S


Never let Candice get a hold of tape, or this is what you will end up looking like!


Me, doing God knows what. In the changerooms at the Bay, I believe.